They’re supposed to bring May flowers… right?  This weekend we had some freaky storms blow through that included, rain, hail, sleet, slush and snow. Lots of thunder and lightening too.  There are pools of water everywhere, but it hasn’t melted down all the snow yet.

I’m exhausted from my weekend. There was so much to get done and too short of a time to complete it all. I did get my kitchen cleaned and pantry organized though, and that makes me feel better.

Baby P has gone from getting up once in the middle of the night to twice, and it just wears me down. I love the snuggly time together but it just kills any chance of restful sleep. She’s also big on chewing on her hands and drooling… which I’ve been told is a precursor to teething.  My baby is growing up so fast!

I have nothing else interesting to say yet… I need to go have a few cups of coffee first. Mondays are always interesting at work, and this is the first Monday of the month – so we’ll be super busy. Betcha I’ll have a good story to share after this!

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