This is our 100th post. 100 is a very respectable number. 100 pennies equal a dollar! 100 $100 bills equals TEN THOUSAND dollars. See? 100 is a very nice number. (especially the latter. I wouldn’t mind 100 $100 bills.)

In the five months we’ve actively been blogging, we’ve had a great time. I’ve met some amazing bloggers and learned a lot from them. My writing has grown, too.

On this momentous occasion, I’d like to share some of our favorite posts so far. Some of these are our personal favorites and others are the most popular posts with YOU, our friends and readers!

Here’s a couple of interesting facts about YOU!

130 of you follow my blog through Google’s Friend service, over 100 subscribe to our feed and several more receive our posts through email. You come from 39 different countries speaking 29 languages! My friends from Bangladesh, Norway and Italy stick around the longest on each visit.

We love reading your emails and your comments!  You inspire us to keep writing. Here’s to 100 posts and many more to follow!

Since this milestone is almost as good as a birthday, let’s have some presents. These presents are for YOU!

Present #1:

Two cookbooks from my collection: Great-tasting 99c Recipes and Simply the Best Chicken. Both are packed with recipes to add something new to your dinner routine.

Present #2:

One Ball Knits Accessories, a skein of “Coton Del Borgo” 100% cotton and a skein of “Austermann” Persia 100% nylon yarn. I don’t talk about knitting much because I don’t have as much time to do it anymore, but I love yarn. I really love it. So it’s time to share some of that love!

To Enter:

Comment below! Share your favorite post that we’ve written or suggest something you’d like to see us write about in the future! Also mention which present you’d prefer.

Bonus entry (since everyone likes a bonus!)

Tweet this post or any other post on the site using the Tweet button at the top of the page (tagging @sister_t).

Next Sunday, June 26th we’ll draw two names for our two presents!

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