First off, congrats to Adrienne and Amy (who blogs at Peppermint Mocha Mama) for winning my 100 Post giveaways! I appreciate all our readers!

You’ll notice I’ve been quiet all week. Didn’t even post a Something Good this Friday!  It’s been a long week for us:

  • Miss P got her first tooth last Sunday and has been working on another all week. This has resulted in a mostly unhappy baby that is desperate for cuddles. Since she’s now tech-savvy, it’s hard to sit down and write without her wanting to add her two cents (and maybe Skype with Grandma!)
  • The teething/cuddly attitude has P refusing to be social. We went to a graduation open house on Sunday and she refused to even look at most of our relatives. Except our rock-star nephew… she gave him a smile!
  • Had another awesome Movie Night on Saturday night! We watched the Three Amigos, ate walking tacos and played cards till the wee hours.
  • It’s been raining. And raining. And raining. We opened our pool last weekend, and it’s done nothing but rain and be miserably cold (50-60F) all the time. At this rate, it’ll warm up enough to swim the week before we close it again.
  • Question: How does such a tiny baby manage to create more laundry than two adults?
  • Miss P has just started eating foods (although that doesn’t explain the above question) and she’s loving them. I need to write up a post about it, because we’re going about food a little bit differently than the rest of the United States (The current popular ‘name’ is Baby Led Weaning)
  • Did I mention it’s raining a lot? Even yesterday it was sunny for a bit, muggy in the evening and then poured so violently in the middle of the night that I had to leap out of bed and shut all the windows because it was raining into the house!
  • I love living in Michigan, but this weather! We skipped spring all together, had a few days of summer and now seem to be living in a perpetual fall.  I wouldn’t mind a couple of weeks with nice sunny 75F days…


This post started as a Monday post, and now it’s a Tuesday post. Story of my life lately!

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