It’s a little bit cliche now. What once used to be a cute bumper sticker has really caught on… in name.  From time to time you may do something for a friend and call it a “RAK”, maybe bake cookies or buy something that you know they’d like. You might even send a card to a friend that you’ve been thinking of recently. These things are great but are they really random?

It’s easy and mostly comfortable to  do something for someone you know – but I want to step outside of that comfort zone. I want to show kindness to the people around me, even the strangers. But I need your help! What are your ideas for brightening the day of those who I come in contact with every day? I’m going to take these ideas and put them into practice over the next several months.

This is part of a larger journey that I’m trying to write about but the words haven’t come out quite right. Long story short = I’m rediscovering my spirituality and faith journey. I know it sounds a bit cheesy and trite and that’s why I haven’t written about it at length yet. I want to make sure I put the right words to what’s happening in my life.

So let me hear from you, dear friends. What are some great and tangible ways I can love others?


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