I haven’t blogged in a while. I look at my life and say “Why would anyone want to read about this?” I work full time and commute almost 45mins each way, five times a week. Jeff works part time and we juggle childcare between two very flexible and doting grandmothers. There are weeks that the laundry doesn’t get done until we’re down to my last pair of dress pants and Miss P is rocking an outfit that looks like she put it together herself.

I try to cook homemade, but there are days that I would give anything for a little extra cash for a pizza. Our house doesn’t even have curtains and we’ve been in this house for three and a half years now. Let’s not even start talking about decorating for every season. I bought a fall mum from a friend’s daughter’s fundraiser and it sits in its pot on my front port instead of being planted in the real planter (that my mom put there!).

For book club this month, we read Bloom by Kelle Hampton. I put off reading it day after day because the first few pages were so heartbreaking and sad and heart achy. I have one day until book club and I resolved to finish it (because I’m not going to be that member that just comes for the food).

In one sitting, I finished it. The whole book. I’m sitting here way past my bedtime for a work night and so glad that I kept on with it. It’s a beautiful story of motherhood. She’s a photographer, so it’s filled with gorgeous photos of her family and friends. The photographer in me could have looked at her beautiful family all day long. (I do have to admit I’m a teensy bit jealous of how amazing she looks in EVERY photo. I haven’t mastered that part of parenting yet… but I can at least say I don’t own a pair of sweatpants, yet.) But for all of that, it’s not even Kelle’s words that made me sit and weep.

They were words of her sister and I can barely keep the tears in as I share this one line.

“And just like I could be sad that my kids aren’t benefiting from me being a stay-at-home mom right now, I have to look at what they are getting — a good role model for work ethic and independence.” (pg 87 in hardcover)

That one sentence hit me like a ton of bricks. So I’m not Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. I don’t have cute burlap decorations lauding fall’s arrival nor do I whip up desserts that are worthy of cookbook covers or food porn websites. I just said porn on my blog. Let’s see the Google hits now!

But I’m experiencing life the only way I can right now — and that is one day at a time. I can’t be the only one dealing with working and trying to raise a child who thinks she’s old enough to run up and down stairs by herself. We plan on homeschooling and I can barely keep my eyes open long enough in the evening after everything else is done to keep up on what’s up in the homeschooling world these days. A lot has changed in the years since I was a kid.

So there — I’m going to stop being sorry for myself and bloom where I’m freaking planted already. Life is life, what will be will be, and I might as well get on board.


PS: Although I don’t normally care for memoirs and non-fiction, I am SO glad that we chose Bloom for our book club selection this month. It’s funny how God brings us things right when we need them.

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