This page is about Taleah, Jeff & Miss P and how awesome we are!

Taleah describes herself as a culture junkie. She loves all things literature, music and arts.  She has an almost extensive library of old and beautiful books, much to the chagrin of her husband. She was home taught growing up, and plans to help educate P in the same way.  She is learning to cook, knits when she can and kills a monster or two in World of Warcraft when she has a few moments free. Currently, she works in an insurance call center which is a constant source of amusing and crazy stories. (PSA: Be kind to your CSR – if you get good service, ask to speak to a manager and tell them so. It goes a LONG WAY!)

Jeff didn’t want to write a bio, so Taleah stated she was going to make something up for him.

Jeff is a Virgo who likes long walks on the beach, Chick Flicks and romantic evenings involving nothing more than staring into the eyes of his date while whispering sweet nothings…

He DID say make something up! The real bio follows…

Jeff is, in the words of his brother-in-law, “deep”. He’s got a head for knowledge and he puts it to good use. He can beat anyone we know in a game of Scrabble and debate politics and religion with authority. He enjoys golf and occasionally forgets special days like his wife’s birthday. He loves reading, especially fantasy books.  Both he and Taleah are movie buffs and enjoy watching both older films and new releases.

Miss P is a feisty, independent, and rambunctious five year old. She enjoys saving the world from monsters and wizards, giggling and reading. Lots and lots of reading.  Also high on her list are being in charge, planning what the family does, and being in charge.

We live in Michigan – the land of crazy weather, beautiful beaches and the most road construction projects you’ve ever seen.


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