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Happy Friday! We make a point to look back on the week and remember something positive.

Taleah: As frustrating and upsetting (and expensive) as our car accident was, I’m so grateful that it was minor in the grand scheme of things. None of us were hurt and the car did not roll over (as the Sheriff said it could have). We are so blessed.

Jeff: I scored a goal in our soccer game this week!

P: P had her two month check up this week. While she’s a small baby, at the 23% percentile… she’s rocking the height chart at over 79%!  So her newborn pants fit her around her waist, but she’s wearing the 0-3 month sleepers because she’s so long!
What’s good in your life this week?

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I had great plans yesterday to write up some blog posts, get my kitchen cleaned up and maybe even make a shopping list. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Jeff and I LOVE movies. Before P was born, we saw one almost every week. It’s one of our favorite hobbies, and we are pretty good at picking movies. For example, the movie coming out called “Mars Needs Moms”? Ain’t going to make money and it’ll flop. We’re calling it.

Anyways, with me going back to work in two weeks – we wanted to see another movie or two before then. We decided on a 12:15 showing of “Gnomeo and Juliet”. At first, I was really loathe to choose it – because I figured they’d slaughter Shakespeare right and left, but Jeff thought it looked fun. Because we’d have P with us, we didn’t want to see any super loud action films.

On our way down the highway, Jeff and I were having a conversation about homeschooling and college. More of a debate, rather. Even though P is still a few years away from school, we’re starting to look at our options now. I was just making a (very good, in my opinion) point when the car shook. I looked up to see our car spinning and a little red car smashing into Jeff’s side of the car. We ended up on the side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. In what was probably a reckless move on my part, I threw open my door (next to the road) and rushed back to make sure P was okay. She was on my side of the car – the one that hadn’t been hit. She’d slept through the whole thing and was fine.

The kid that hit us was really shaken up, and he said that he had ‘just looked down for a moment’ before he hit us. (I think he was texting… let that be a lesson!) The car was pretty banged up on one side – the driver’s door hardly opens now. But the three of us were okay. Jeff was upset we were missing our bargain movie.

After almost two hours of waiting for the sheriff, waiting for a wrecker to put a spare tire on, waiting at the tire place for them to repair our tire… we were finally done. P was quite a trooper, but it left us all quite a bit frazzled. And then we did see a movie, since we were already in town and the car was drivable. (Side note: we both really enjoyed “Gnomeo and Juliet”. It was adorable and cute and Shakespeare people will get some of the more subtle jokes!)

Today, we got an estimate for the damages. We got two estimates, because we were sure the first was wrong. Both are over three thousand bucks. Michigan is a “No-Fault” state, which means unless we have full coverage (which we didn’t on our little ’98 Buick) – the other driver’s insurance is only liable for 500 bucks. Yep. That’s it. Now if we had three thousand dollars, we probably wouldn’t be driving around a ’98 Buick grandma’s car.

Worst of all, we found out that the accident bent one of the tires into the car – and it’s not recommended that we drive it at all until it’s fixed. Soonest we can have someone look at it is Monday. So we’ll probably have to cancel our weekend plans, give up theatre tickets and go nowhere till we can have it fixed – or it’ll take some very creative rearranging. We’ll fix at least that. The car will look really bad until we get the rest of it taken care of.

What’s funny is that Jeff’s always cautioned me against parking next to banged up cars in parking lots. “If they don’t care about their car, they sure won’t care about yours.” he says. Now I’m realizing they just don’t have money to get it fixed. Sorry, dumpy car drivers. I’m in your shoes now.

We have a second car, but we were told several years ago that it was on the verge of death, completely un-drivable. We’ve hung onto it, and probably will till the wheels fall off – but it makes us nervous driving any further than in our little village. And that was before we became parents! Now we’re twice as nervous! So we may try to get somethings done in that car, but not much.

So yeah… this week is going nothing like what I had planned. I could use a pretty strong drink at this point.

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