Hello Monday. Seems like you were just here… and I’m not even working yet. Here’s what’s batting around my head today:

  • I have a dentist’s appointment to get cavities filled. Ugh. I get myself worked up over these visits. One of them isn’t my fault though, a filling came out. Still not looking forward to the afternoon.
  • Liked the Academy Awards last night, although I could have done with a REAL musical number.  if the Social Network had won Best Picture, though… it would have been an ugly scene at my house (I’m rather baffled at the popularity of the film.)
  • About midnight, as we were wrapping up the awards – I was coming out of our kitchen and heard baby P stirring in her bedroom down the hall. All of the sudden, she rips one of the loudest farts I’ve ever heard. Ground-shaking. Is it wrong that I collapsed onto the floor in the giggles?
  • I have one week and two days before I return to work from my maternity leave.
  • I haven’t been grocery shopping in a week, and we’ve run out of milk. I don’t really like sitting down and writing up menus and shopping lists… even though I don’t mind the shopping itself. Guess I’ll have to do that today.
  • The car is in the shop, hopefully being repaired from the crash so that it’s drivable.

It just seems that today, and this week, are full of disappointing necessities. Things I don’t enjoy (nor does my bank account) are all headed my way.

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