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I’m linked up to a couple of hops over the weekend – and had a lot of fun finding new blogs already. I’ve got a list that I am (or have) participated in on my Blog Hop page.

A couple of the blogs I’ve found are homeschooling families – and it makes me SO excited for the time while P will start reading and learning and all sorts of things. Museums, field trips, crafts and activities! Is two months a little bit early to start gathering these things? My experience with homeschooling was so rewarding and I can’t wait to offer P some of those same benefits.

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They say your whole life changes when you have a child. Whoever ‘they’ are, are very smart. It is totally true.
(What follows is a very honest accounting of my body image experiences through pregnancy and motherhood as part of a post baby belly blog hop. If that’s not for you, check out another post.)

I started into my pregnancy expecting my lifestyle to change. And it did! My sleep habits, what I could eat without massive heartburn (answer: nothing) and even knowing where the closest bathroom was at all times. I dealt with the hormones and the mood swings like a champ. It was all part of becoming a parent.

The physical side of things was a challenge for me. All my life, the American idea of beauty has been super slim, ultra skinny and about six feet tall. To have people suddenly paying close attention to my belly, which wasn’t that slim to begin with, was disconcerting. Every lump and bump became something to glory in and be proud of! It took me a while to accept that.

About the time I accepted the new way of thinking, my body started changing. The belly did expand, my ankles ballooned and my rib cage expanded by several inches to make way for all my guts. I tried to take it all in stride, but some days were very depressing when I looked down and realized I was sporting a very big pair of cankles.

The day came and P arrived. It was crazy and beautiful and she’s the best thing that ever happened in my life, after Jeff of course! It was a couple of days before I even had caught up on enough sleep and had enough time after a shower to look at myself in the mirror. A friend had cautioned me not to look for a while, since one’s body doesn’t return to its previous state immediately. I looked anyways.

Looking past the bleary eyes and the awkwardly snapped nursing bra, I saw it. My belly. It was this deflated little balloon. While I marveled that baby P had actually fit in there somehow, I couldn’t help but notice the way the stretch marks – once streaked across my stomach in red slashes, now pooling down the middle like wind lines in a sand dune. There were a few that were even holographic in the way that when I turned in the light, they’d almost disappear and then flash back to a dark angry red. My friend was right, it was better to wait to peer at my body. Already sleep deprived and struggling with a daughter who refused to sleep anywhere other than in our arms, I melted into a pool of tears at the sight. People don’t talk about the aftermath of pregnancy on a woman’s body.

It’s now been two months. My belly is still rather saggy, streaked with red and velvety to the touch. My chest is a completely new creature, complete with her own stretch marks. Despite the re-touched photos in magazines and advertisements on tv, I know this new body is part of my new life. I will probably never wear a bikini again, at least not in public.

But for all my body image woes, I’m coming to love the way it looks now. These are my battle scars. They tell a story that has been repeated for a thousand generations. I am a mother. My body defied all logical thought and grew a baby, my daughter. I gave up my belly to give her life.

One day when she grows older, I am sure she will poke my belly and giggle at the way it feels. But I’ll be able to tell her the wonderful story of how she came to join our family, and I would give up a thousand good looking bellies to have her in my life.

I am woman, hear me roar. I am a mother, and that is beautiful.

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Welcome to our new readers! I’m participating in a number of blog hops over the weekend – see them below!

What’s a blog hop? It’s a list of blogs that you can ‘hop’ from one to the next, finding new friends and blogs!

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