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Ugh. Spam. Just the word makes my toenails curl.  I’m not a fan of the canned meat product – my siblings loved to eat it while we were growing up, but I really don’t like food that has slimey bits all over it.

The spam we’ll talk about today is blog spam. As soon as I became active online, my blog started getting spam. My analytics tell me that they are visiting from South Africa, Brazil and Russia!

I’m not sure what the goal is of these spam comments – because they’re weird and odd and make no sense.  The spammer always puts their website in the links. Maybe they want you to click it? Anyways, I’m constantly amused… so I thought I’d share a few with you:

Steam locomotive-hauled passenger train
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Yeah… what’s the point? That one was posted on Hello, Kensington! – having nothing to do with trains.

Hey – don’t forget – the clock in your car is not as smart as the clock in your smart phone daylightsavings

This one made me giggle (Came in on Random Monday: Japan)

I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

This one (in some form or fashion) comes in every couple of weeks on various posts and is by far my favorite. Why is it my favorite? If you’re a Word Press powered blogger, you’ll know that my template is one that’s premade for WP. It’s boring and unoriginal. I don’t have any coding skills in the least – and haven’t even started looking to purchase one (Unless someone wants to donate their skills?). I do need to do something different, but just haven’t gotten there yet.

My spam filter catches all of these, so I don’t have to filter myself – which is great… but I still go in and read the comments from time to time, since they always make me smile.

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There is something about babies that makes people go crazy and lose all respect and concern for anything other than that squirming infant in our arms. Social mores, appropriate  behavior and sensibilities  flee from the human mind.

I have a suspicion that babies produce a pheromone that causes this.  But let me back up and explain how I’ve come to this conclusion.

Friday evening, Jeff and I went to a golf expo. I’d never seen so much golf stuff in one place before. There were more clubs, bags, balls and middle-aged men (drinking beer) than one could hardly believe. I didn’t even know Michigan had as many courses available as had booths touting their resorts. Then there were the Indiana courses and the Florida promotional booth (In the middle of a Michigan winter, who wouldn’t want to go to Florida to golf?).

P went along with us, of course. It was the first real outing that we had done as a family, outside of church or family visits. This was a stroller-worthy outing. She did fantastically well – sleeping in her seat for part of the time, and chilling out in my arms for the other half. Pretty good for a baby of two months.

No sooner had we gotten in the door, than the questions and comments started.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” (I’m so tired of this one. She was wearing purple/pink and there’s a huge pink butterfly attached to her car seat!!)

“How tiny – how old is she?” (Two months. I started just volunteering this information at the beginning of conversations, since it came up every single time.)

“Not going to get much golfing in this summer, eh?”

“Starting her young?” (One booth had golf club sets that were sized for 3-6 year olds! Would you give a 3 year old a golf club to swing?)

“Sorry! So sorry!” If we ran the stroller into someone’s foot by mistake, or someone turned around too quickly and bumped into us – we ALWAYS got an apology. Apparently we could do no wrong, even when it was clearly our error – or bad stroller driving.

Much of the above conversations normally happened with less than two feet between myself and the excited speaker. They’d lean over my shoulder or over the stroller to peek and make faces at P.

Beyond the standard questions and comments, we seemed to attract the out of the ordinary like moths flock to a flame.

* One vendor asked if she could hold P while we spoke to her son who was fitting us for this nifty golf gloves. Since there was only one way into the booth and she seemed clean and sane enough – she got to cuddle with P for a moment.

* I was chased down by two vendors who insisted on cooing at the baby. Husband and wife, the wife informed me that if her husband had his way – they’d still be having babies and she was content with her two grown sons. “Don’t let him smell the baby!” she warned me.

* A different vendor started talking and waving at P and would have poked at her but he said he wouldn’t, since his hands were probably not clean from shaking hands with so many people!

* I got stopped in the aisles by a few different grandfathers who informed me that they couldn’t remember when their grandchildren were so small. I was supposed to treasure every moment when she was this young. Then they’d tell me how old ALL of their grandchildren were.

* A few women said “I miss that age so much!” and then tell me how their kids were older now and they missed babies.

* One vendor told me a story about how he used to borrow his nephews so that he could get dates with hot women.

See? Crazy. No one would act like this over anything other than a baby.

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