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Along with the rest of the world, I’ve been shocked and saddened by the images and stories that are coming out of Japan this week. My prayers are with everyone as they try to recover from this crazy act of nature.

* This quake MOVED Japan. That’s crazy to think about.

* I hate Daylight Savings Time with a passion. It always takes me at least a week to get my body adjusted to the new time. Even though it’s just by an hour, it’s tough. Now how I can manage to adjust from Washington State PST to Michigan’s EST easier than DST… I’ll never know.

* I don’t drink beer, and I’ll be working on the 17th – but I had bangers and mash at our local Irish pub last night and it was downright awesome.

* My 6am wake up is really 5am. This is uncool on SO many levels.

* My 8yr old dog is having sibling jealousy in a big way. We go out of our way to make sure she gets extra attention, give her treats and special toys when we leave the house, but she’s still acting out. Last night, she got into the trash. She shredded diapers all over our living room floor and tore apart an insulated lunch box that I used for work lunches.  The thing of it is that she KNOWS it’s wrong, because she’ll hide when we get home and won’t come meet us. I’m really at my wit’s end.

* Jeff is eying the 50F weather later this week and speculating if the golf courses will be open. He’s talking ways of transporting P on a golf cart during the day.

* Wish I could take a nap today, but it’s Monday and EVERYONE needs to call and pay bills today. So I’ll have a crazy day. Coffee anyone?

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At the beginning of the month, Jeff and I declared February a ‘no-spend month’.  Now, we’ve made it the full 28 days… so here is our thoughts:

Taleah: The first couple of days were really tough as we adjusted overnight to no TV, fast food or video games. At first, I found myself missing the noise of the television or the games in the background. But after about three days, I began to appreciate the peace.  I read books that I’d been meaning to read for a while. I knit a few rows on my shawl, but you really can’t be distracted in the middle of a row – so not much was done there. I fell in love with baking. I cooked several good meals, and a couple of terrible ones (a cautionary tale).  No fast food was tough at first too – and then we realized how often we relied on that fast food when we were busy. Now, we can make a pretty decent pizza for about three bucks – and it’s not covered in grease. Just the thought of most fast food now is a little bit disgusting, since I can make a lot of it myself now.

Originally, I thought that I’d be all motivated to deep clean the house – and that didn’t happen. As I got into a routine, I noticed that some parts of the house were cleaner and more organized – but overall… not that big of a difference.

I’m very proud that we made it through the whole month. We heard from a neighbor that he couldn’t believe we were giving up TV for a WHOLE MONTH. He had heard of people giving it up for a day, or maybe a week.. but a month? That was crazy.  And it was.  But in a good way, of course.

We’ll go back to watching tv, playing COD: Black Ops and buying the occasional slurpee. But I suspect we will do it with more discretion, that we won’t be glued for hours to the boob tube without a break. We’ll order fast food, but realize how it really doesn’t always taste as good as what we could make at home.  We saved quite a bit of money by cutting the unnecessary out of our lives this month and we’ll take a lot of that experience with us.

I call the month a success.

Jeff: Our month is over and I have to say I really didn’t miss the television.  I haven’t watched any TV nor did I really care to watch any since March has arrived.  I did miss my video games a bit, but after having a massive headache and throwing up after playing last night, I am not sure if I want to go back to it yet even.  The not spending money was kind of nice, I guess.  I don’t ever know how much money we have or should I say, don’t have.  So, that would be up to my wife to actually tell me if that really helped or hurt us at all.  It seems to me like it would, not eating out and not getting a $1.30 Slurpee every other day probably helped a bit, and might help if you look over the year of how much money that actually is.  I am still glad that we did it just to know that we could do it, and if we need to do it in the future.  Of course if my wife didn’t have the internet she might have gone insane.

(Taleah’s Note: I’m the banker in family. We didn’t chart out what the actual dollar savings were, but there was a better cushion of money at the end of each pay period. So it did help! Oh, and of course Jeff would go crazy without the internet too. How else would he spend hours and hours looking at Supreme Court cases and golf videos?)

Have you done any sort of a no-spend month? Or are you thinking about it? Let us know how it goes!

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With great apologies to the amazing Stephanie for borrowing her idea, here’s my Random Monday.

1: Remember the warm days of last week? Those are no more. Yesterday, we got 6+ inches in as many hours… and then it kept snowing overnight. February is such a tease.

2: Why is it that when you’re ready to follow the advice to ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’, your baby decides NOT to sleep?

3: I’ve made cookies twice in the last four days (with my new mixer!). The first batch was already eaten, and I have multiple requests to taste test future batches.

4: Jeff loves golf. It’s rubbed off on me a bit, although I play for fun since my scores will NEVER come out of the triple digits. We’ve watched our fair share of tournaments on TV, and I have a few players that I’ve liked and cheered for. These players have either a) very good looking or b) have a great back story.  I was flipping through Jeff’s Golf Digest (which is often very boring to me) and came across this photo:

This is NOT the kind of photo you see in a golf magazine, on Golf TV or anything of the like. So I stopped to read the article. This guy is Ben Crane. Apparently, he’s a very slow and mostly boring golf player. Boring in the way your dear old uncle takes twenty minutes to chart out his next chess move. Smart, but not rollicking good times.  Then he made a video…

There’s a second video that you can see on his website that’s also hilarious. He’s now my new favorite player. Anyone who can make fun of golf that way and get good press about it is a winner in my book. (He also just won a tournament at the beginning of the year – Go Ben!)

5: I haven’t gotten my hair cut in almost five months. First it was tough to get out because I was grossly pregnant, working full-time and dealing with doctors who freaked out over everything. Now to try to plan time to get out either with P (what does one do with a baby while you’re getting your hair cut?) or work around Jeff’s school schedule so that he’ll be home with her. I’m two and a half weeks away from going back to work, and it’s my goal to get it done before then. I don’t need to be sporting a mom-do ponytail every day at work!

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There is something about babies that makes people go crazy and lose all respect and concern for anything other than that squirming infant in our arms. Social mores, appropriate  behavior and sensibilities  flee from the human mind.

I have a suspicion that babies produce a pheromone that causes this.  But let me back up and explain how I’ve come to this conclusion.

Friday evening, Jeff and I went to a golf expo. I’d never seen so much golf stuff in one place before. There were more clubs, bags, balls and middle-aged men (drinking beer) than one could hardly believe. I didn’t even know Michigan had as many courses available as had booths touting their resorts. Then there were the Indiana courses and the Florida promotional booth (In the middle of a Michigan winter, who wouldn’t want to go to Florida to golf?).

P went along with us, of course. It was the first real outing that we had done as a family, outside of church or family visits. This was a stroller-worthy outing. She did fantastically well – sleeping in her seat for part of the time, and chilling out in my arms for the other half. Pretty good for a baby of two months.

No sooner had we gotten in the door, than the questions and comments started.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” (I’m so tired of this one. She was wearing purple/pink and there’s a huge pink butterfly attached to her car seat!!)

“How tiny – how old is she?” (Two months. I started just volunteering this information at the beginning of conversations, since it came up every single time.)

“Not going to get much golfing in this summer, eh?”

“Starting her young?” (One booth had golf club sets that were sized for 3-6 year olds! Would you give a 3 year old a golf club to swing?)

“Sorry! So sorry!” If we ran the stroller into someone’s foot by mistake, or someone turned around too quickly and bumped into us – we ALWAYS got an apology. Apparently we could do no wrong, even when it was clearly our error – or bad stroller driving.

Much of the above conversations normally happened with less than two feet between myself and the excited speaker. They’d lean over my shoulder or over the stroller to peek and make faces at P.

Beyond the standard questions and comments, we seemed to attract the out of the ordinary like moths flock to a flame.

* One vendor asked if she could hold P while we spoke to her son who was fitting us for this nifty golf gloves. Since there was only one way into the booth and she seemed clean and sane enough – she got to cuddle with P for a moment.

* I was chased down by two vendors who insisted on cooing at the baby. Husband and wife, the wife informed me that if her husband had his way – they’d still be having babies and she was content with her two grown sons. “Don’t let him smell the baby!” she warned me.

* A different vendor started talking and waving at P and would have poked at her but he said he wouldn’t, since his hands were probably not clean from shaking hands with so many people!

* I got stopped in the aisles by a few different grandfathers who informed me that they couldn’t remember when their grandchildren were so small. I was supposed to treasure every moment when she was this young. Then they’d tell me how old ALL of their grandchildren were.

* A few women said “I miss that age so much!” and then tell me how their kids were older now and they missed babies.

* One vendor told me a story about how he used to borrow his nephews so that he could get dates with hot women.

See? Crazy. No one would act like this over anything other than a baby.

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