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While my husband is completing a paralegal studies program, he has been home full-time with Miss P (At 15mo, she’s not much of a baby anymore!).

They have a blast together, or so Miss P tells me. They go to story time at our local library, visit one grandma and the other comes at least once a week to visit. My daughter is very taken with her daddy and even insists on calling me “da-da” much to my chagrin. He reads stories with his own commentary and although he’s heard it a million times, can’t remember the words to “Pop Goes The Weasel”.

However, there are some things that he still struggles with and which I step in to make things much easier:

Being creative in the kitchen

Jeff has the unique manly ability to look at a stocked kitchen and state “There is nothing to eat”. What’s even more impressive than that is when I run down a list of things one can make for a meal from our kitchen and in less than an hour, he’s standing in the middle of our kitchen declaring it a food desert.

This is the little whiteboard in our kitchen. As you can see, I’ve got directions for our homemade oatmeal packets (instant oatmeal portioned out into baggies). There’s also a list of various things that he and Miss P can eat for lunch. (and the appointment reminder for our stove to be repaired. Do you know how hard it is cook without an oven?) I try to keep this board updated with what is readily available (especially leftovers). Down in the corner, you’ll also see notes from my mother who comes to visit once a week with Miss P. She’ll note nap time, any dinner and their activities for the afternoon. It’s pretty awesome that I can come home and have some reference for conversation with my daughter on those days.

I also portion leftovers off into individual servings to make it easy for their lunch or to grab for mine. We’re trying to transition into using glass containers rather than plastic. We use the Pyrex 12-Piece Glass Bake Serve N Store Set and are slowly adding to our collection.

Clothes that are not pajamas

Why not wear pajamas all day? My husband’s logic is that one doesn’t need to wear something other than pajamas  if one doesn’t leave the house. My daughter has a couple of very doting aunties and two grandmothers so she has quite an extensive and stylish wardrobe.  Jeff has not learned to have an appreciation for all of the style choices our daughter has.  I’ve tried a few different ways of setting out outfits for the days I work early. I’ve laid out outfits on the changing table and we labeled the clothes boxes.


Yes, I know it says “Sort Sleeves”. Jeff was in charge of printing and we didn’t notice the auto-spell check until we had already gotten the label up. This is just temporary storage for the clothes. I’m in the market for a decent second-hand dresser, just haven’t found the right one yet.

Tonight we tried something new. Miss P and I laid out several Ziploc bags and put complete outfits into each one. Now Jeff can just grab a bag and *poof* – instant style for Miss P. She had a great time putting the bags together with me. I filled the bags and she stacked them on top of each other. We’ll see if this is more effective.

Now if only we could come up with an effective way to keep the laundry current! Miss P is not a messy child most of the time, but it seems like our laundry hampers fill three times faster with her laundry added!


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If you’re of the persuasion, I hope you had a very lovely Easter weekend. Continuing in that theme, I’d like to kick off this WotW with Peeps. Lots and lots of Peeps. I think the day AFTER Easter is one of the best days… Peeps for 50% off!

Want to have your own Hobbit home? With the Hobbit film actually underway, Lord of the Rings fever is starting to rise again.

I’ve been over every inch of this site several times over the past couple of years. This is an ACTUAL house. You can build this house. I can build this house (well… if Jeff would let me, of course).

And while we’re on domestic matters, I’m TOTALLY in love with this apron.


Finally, I want you to fall in love with Juniper Moon Farms and their shepherd Susie.  Although I’ve never lived on a farm, I think I’d love to live at JMF.  Seriously.  It’s all I can do to keep from hopping in the car and visiting, even though I’ve never met Susie in person. I feel like I could belong there. The whole blog is my favorite thing to read every day.

Adorable. Adorable. Adorable.  Want a taste? This blog post will charm your pants off.


What’s got your eye this week?


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Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve found some amazing blogs to follow. Everything from knitters, to scrapbookers, to home redecorators and homeschooling mothers. The talent is pretty mind-blowing.  I could seriously spend hours finding new and fun things to read.

However, this made me realize that I am just not as crafty, homemaker-ish or witty as I’d sometimes like to think I am.

Friday night, we made pizza. (You’ll see the relevance in a moment.) I was tired after a long day out and about and when it came to spreading the dough out on the stone, I just plunked it down and smooshed it with my fingers a few times. It looked good.

It did not work out so well. I didn’t spread it out thin enough, so a pizza that should have taken fifteen minutes… took forty five minutes, and it still wasn’t cooked all the way through.  Since I was already tired and irritable, the pizza sent me over the edge.  I burst into tears over the kitchen counter and tried to explain to Jeff why I felt like such a failure at everything crafty and home-related. I’m pretty sure he still didn’t understand, but he was sweet and ate a whole piece of pizza anyways. He also suggested that I make great cookies so I’m not a failure – but I pointed out that they were normal cookies, nothing super special about the Tollhouse recipe cookies.

After I soothed myself with some amazing strawberry mousse that I’d made earlier in the week, I stated my intentions of painting our basement bathroom that very evening. Jeff rolled his eyes, but said he wouldn’t stop me. But then I realized; we’re not spending money this month, there’s butt-ugly wallpaper trim that I’d need to soak and scrap off, and I really don’t know what theme I want down there yet. Strike one.

I have a sewing machine that my grandmother gave to me, but I haven’t unpacked it yet, I don’t know how to use it and I don’t have any cloth to sew into anything. Strike two.

Finally, I realized that I may not be super crafty, nor a great cook (yet!) – but I could do something.

P’s nursery wasn’t quite ready when she came home, since she arrived three weeks early. We had the important things, but when we came home from the hospital – everything got dropped in a corner and left, since learning how to be a parent is a little bit more important than cleaning up the corner of the room. One thing compounded on top of another, we were given MORE clothes, etc… it became a disaster.

This is what it looked like on Friday night:

And here’s what it looked like Sunday afternoon:

I went on a cleaning and organizing tear and redid the whole room. I sorted out the hand-me-down clothes into the age brackets and stored them away, I packed up the newborn clothes that are too small, and reorganized her closet. I also emptied and stored the bag I had packed for the hospital, stored baby cards and contemplated tacking up Christmas lights (Didn’t actually do the last part, because I’m not sure how to pull it off without it looking very very ghetto.)

It’s not anything worthy of a sharable tutorial, but it was enough to satiate my desire to DO something.

And that’s how I spent my weekend.

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