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My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday. She still lives alone and is in pretty great health for her age. She credits her health to milk and cookies every night for a snack. I shot this photo at our family reunion this summer during our cribbage tournament (she still plays a better game than I do)!


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Keeping Busy

This is my favorite photo of March.

When my sister was in town, we spent the afternoon together. It was great, and I got a beautiful photo of Baby P and her cousin.  As we were hanging out, my sister had my daughter on her lap – but her son wanted to be as close as he could get to his mother. I caught this precious moment almost by accident.

Jeff picked this as the best photo for March – so here it is!

I’m linked up to I Heart Faces this week, and it’s the People’s Favorite! Voting opens on Tuesday – if my photography touches you, please consider voting for us! We’re #180

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Slice of Life

My sister and her son came to town on a visit this last weekend. She wanted time to snuggle with Baby P, but her son was SO jealous! He asked if he could hold P and so my sister was ‘helping’.  He was very apprehensive, but I caught this precious moment between the two of them.

Neither of them was really impressed by the other – but they’re just a year and a half apart, so as they get older – I hope they’ll become great friends!

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Sun Flare

The theme over at I Heart Faces this week is “Sun Flare” and I knew I’d pick this photo. It’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken. It’s fuzzy and out of focus, and I was playing with settings on my camera. P had decided to drop her head down rather than look at me as I clicked the shutter, and the sun poured down into the frame. Although there’s so many things ‘wrong’ with this photo, I love how the sun comes shining down in both rays and spots of bright light.


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Nap Time

This week, over on I Heart Faces, is your favorite photo of February! We caught P striking a pose while napping in her chair – I love watching her sleep!

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Tummy Time


My daughter loves ‘tummy time’.  She’ll laugh and talk as she grabs the blanket to scoot around. Click the camera below for some more beautiful photos.


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