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I’ve always felt I was cut out to be a mother. It’s come (mostly) naturally, and I love it. Nothing has seemed weird or out of place to me and I’m quite comfortable doing all the embarrassing things that come with the territory. 

Recently, I was out with Miss P and had to stop at the grocery store for just a few items. Unfortunately it just happened be around the time that Miss P prefers to nap. I opted not to carry her diaper bag, instead deciding to juggle my pocketbook, keys and a couple of toys instead.  I strapped her into the cart seat and tried to get through my short list as quickly as possible. We weren’t in the store for five minutes before P had a meltdown and started screaming. So out of the cart she came into my arms!

Of course there was now no way I could juggle a pocketbook, keys and a wiggly baby. In the grand MacGuyver tradition, I hooked my keys to a couple of plastic toy links and over the waistband of my pants (which had no pockets!). The pocketbook was stuffed under the blanket in the cart seat and we spent the rest of the shopping trip dancing and singing down the aisles. There was snot on my shoulder and a set of plastic links swinging from my pants. 

As we were waltzing through the frozen foods, I caught sight of us in the glass doors of the cases and had to stop and laugh.

“I’ve arrived as a parent.”  I thought.  Only the love of a parent could cause a normally sane person to cavort down the grocery store aisles at 2pm humming nonsense like “Oh Miss P! Don’t cry! We’re going to get some broccoli now!”


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P is now just four months old! I can’t believe how the time has flown – I look at photos of her as a newborn and can’t believe how big she’s gotten! I think back to what I thought before she was born… and I can’t believe how I’ve grown too.

I’ve been around friends who are parents and had a lot of advice given to me over the past year (mostly unwanted!). Here’s a few things that I’m surprised by now that I’m in their shoes.

I’m not afraid of body fluids.

That’s right. I remember visiting my sister and her 6mo old son before I was pregnant and was shocked (and a bit grossed out) when she wiped spit-up off his mouth and then dried her hand on her jeans… never skipping a beat in our conversation. It was terrible! Unsanitary! She topped it by cleaning off his pacifier ten minutes later by sticking it in her own mouth. I almost ran for the bathroom. How could someone do something like that?

Now that I’m a parent, I’ve wiped up spit, grabbed rogue boogers, been peed and pooped on and all without missing a beat. I’m still occasionally grossed out by a diaper – and I’m not sure how a child so little can have SO MUCH POOP at one time, but it all goes in stride. I’ve managed blow-out diapers, rogue pacifiers (although I draw the line at sucking it clean!) and days where both P and I go through several clothing changes.  I think nothing of catching some drool with a finger.

I’m comfortable with my body.

Remember a couple of years ago when there was a big uproar about nursing mothers posting photos on LiveJournal (Remember LJ? I know you had one back in the day!)? I was confused by the big deal  but proud of nursing mothers who stood up for what they believed in.  Just another crusade, right?

I’m not quite to a place where I’ll nurse P out in the open, since I know it bothers some of my family and I respect that – but I’m not shy any more. You’ve either got ’em or you love ’em, so if you get a bit of a peek while P is eating – it’s not going to be anything you haven’t seen before. I will also check my built-in timers at any time to determine when P ate last, or if she’s needing to eat again. I think much of this stems from labor & birth. All modesty goes out the window when you’re dealing with contractions. I realized it wasn’t the end of the world to be tottering about my room in a hospital gown with my butt hanging out.

My parenting style is…

While I was pregnant, I read a lot of books. I think my final total was around twenty or so! I read books about pregnancy, about birth, about breastfeeding, about parenting, and just about anything else having to do with babies and children. I diagnosed my ‘style’ of parenting and I knew what I was going to do about sleeping, eating, feeding, schedules, vaccinations and everything else in between. I’m embarrassed to say it now, but I even looked down my nose a bit at mothers who were raising their kids a different way. My way was best!

Well, that all was thrown out the window when we had to bring P to join us early due to health complications on my part. It didn’t follow my birth plan, it wasn’t what I had pictured, and horror of horrors – we had to supplement with formula in the first twenty-four hours due to poor nurse communications and low blood sugar. That first day and a half, I was a wreck. Nothing was going according to the picture I had built up in my head.

We came home and it kept crashing down. Nothing was ‘right’. Finally, I threw the books down and decided I’d go with the ‘gut’ style of parenting.  Women have been mothers for thousands of years without the benefits of books and plans and schedules – and the world is full of people, so we must be doing something right! Since I’ve relaxed my ‘ideals’, I’ve become a better parent. I respond to P’s needs as they happen and we figure things out together. The world hasn’t come crashing down on us yet. I still have to remind myself sometimes that what works for me doesn’t for someone else… but I’m getting better on that front too.

Never Say Never!

If you’re now humming Justin Bieber’s song… don’t admit it. That’s embarrassing.  Yes, they covered his music on Glee… but it doesn’t make it any more cool!

Back to my point though, before the Bieber fangirls attack… One of the  most important things I have learned is that you can’t talk in absolutes. ( You thought I’d say ‘never say never’ again, didn’t you!)  Before P was born, I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t force my child into the very tiny gender boxes that babies get. If it’s a boy, you dress in blue. A girl? Pink power, baby! We didn’t find out her gender before she was born – I was all ready to dress my baby in neutral clothing, until they were older and could decide if they wanted dinosaurs or princesses.

P came along and rocked my world. Since we were surprised by her, most of the clothes we had been given were blues and greens. And we dressed her in those adorable little clothes for several weeks. Sadly, people assumed she was a boy when she was dressed in her adorable little yellow and green outfits.  Friends started giving us pink and purple clothing, but I tucked it aside. I wouldn’t do that to my child.

Then one day, the inevitable happened. Everything was in the wash, and P needed to be changed (again!). The closest outfit at hand was purple. We weren’t leaving the house, so I quickly snapped her into the outfit. That final snap sealed my doom to be that mother. She was SO adorable in the purple! Then I tried a pink outfit. And a rainbow striped outfit. And jeans with pink flowers and RUFFLES! Each outfit was cuter than the last.

And now, at four months – I’ve given up on all my absolutes. My daughter dresses in pinks and sparkles. I even crossed the one line that I swore that I’d never even DREAM of crossing.

I swore my daughter would never wear a headband with the crazy plastic flowers and bows. Now look what I’ve become! (She is quite adorable… isn’t she?) I really can’t help it. P is starting to develop a collection of hair bows and bands, and it’s all I can do not to keep buying more! This adorable one came from My2LilPixies on Etsy.

I’m a completely different parent then I thought I would be, but I’ve come to realize that it is okay!

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Welcome to Wednesday On the Web! This is a round-up of what I’ve been looking at/drooling over/enjoying online!

Almost all our snow was gone and we had some very nice 40F weather over the past week. We thought we might actually start seeing spring…. And then, last night and today we were hit with a snow storm that included ice, sleet, slush and rain. Thunder and lightning and the whole works! All the schools are closed today, and I couldn’t even make it into work because the roads are a disaster. There was a really bad accident down one of the roads I normally drive and a 6 year old kid died. I really can’t afford to miss work, but I couldn’t afford the risk of getting into an accident on the back roads I drive.

And I’ll have to admit that the smile that appeared on my daughter’s face when I got her up reminded me that I totally made the right choice to be careful. I have someone depending on me!

Anyways… onto the goodies. And I’ve got some good ones this week!

I started making marble magnets from this tutorial… great presents! (The photo is hers, mine aren’t done yet!)

Although I don’t own one, this article about foods you can make in a coffee maker makes me want to buy one!


I’ve been getting a lot of parenting advice lately, and my sister sent me an article about the MOST unhelpful advice. It was SO funny… and sadly mostly true!

Do you live in the UK? I’ve got my eye on this awesome stamp set and I would LOVE to frame it on my wall!

Last, and probably one of the most interesting things this week is Diamond Candles!

You buy a candle, and it’s guaranteed to have a DIAMOND ring inside! Their site says the rings are valued anywhere between $100-$5,000! What a cool concept! I may have to convince Jeff that I need one of these! (Friends, this would be a GREAT present for me!!)

And that wraps it up for me this week – what are you look at this week?


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With Baby P as part of our family now, I am finding that every social event changes.

* When family states that they’d like to visit, or like us to come over – what they really mean is “We’d like to snuggle on your baby, please!”.  Jeff and I could probably drop the baby off and no one would notice we were gone.  Note: while everyone likes to snuggle, diaper changes and fussy babies are promptly handed back to the parents. We keep offering to let others handle that too, but funny enough no one is interested.

* Christmas is no longer spending time lounging about with family watching the football game, or playing cards – it’s now about adorable little girl clothes and relatives arguing over who gets to hold P next.

* My birthday today was about as uneventful as any I could remember. I LOVE birthdays, especially mine.  We used to go out to a fancy dinner, and sometimes a movie – or throw a party on my birthday. This year, I napped since P had decided to throw her own party in the middle of the night. Family came over, but my birthday was secondary to cuddling P (see the first point above!)

P is now sleeping, and I have a pot of beef stew on the stove. We’ll probably curl up in front of a Netflix movie and go to bed.  Not the exciting birthday I might have had in mind, but it’ll do just fine. There’s really nothing better than baby snuggles anyways!

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