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Movie Nights

As I wrote a few months ago, we’ve started monthly movie nights at our house.

We’ve hosted three movie nights and they’ve all been smashing successes! For our first movie night, we packed twenty people into our house for some amazing food and a movie. We watched Disney’s Robin Hood and it was a blast. Some of the kids brought sleeping bads to cuddle up and everyone enjoyed theater snacks of chocolate and popcorn.

After the movie, the kids played while the adults had a rousing game of Scategories. Everyone seems to have a great time – people who haven’t been able to make it keep telling us that they’re planning on the next month!

We’ll be rotating types of movies, with a family friendly movie every other month. After Robin Hood, we showed Layer Cake the next month and this month we showed Pete’s Dragon. 

One of the best parts of movie night is that I’m able to put Baby P to bed in her own bed, at her bedtime and still have adult fun. I didn’t have to deal with a fussy baby or worry about her bedtime. This makes for a happy baby and a happy mommy!

Want to start your own movie night tradition? Here are a few tips that we’ve learned as we’ve gotten started.

* Decide on a format

Will you watch one movie? More than one? Movie series? When you’re choosing a movie, keep your audience in mind. For our family movie nights, we try to keep the movies under two hours for those short attention spans. 

For food, we try to follow a ‘theme’ when we can and as hosts we provide the main dish. We’ve done campfire food (chili) for Robin Hood, cake for Layer Cake and dragon burgers (hamburgers) for Pete’s Dragon. Everyone brings a dish to pass, and our friends are AMAZING cooks!

* Send your invites!

Plan to send out invites at least 2-3 weeks in advance to give people time to plan on coming or arrange babysitters (as needed).  Make sure you communicate all the necessary details.
* kids okay?
* food plans
* is it BYOB?

* Prepare

Check your seating! At our first movie night, we were amazed when twenty people showed up. We did not have enough seats. Creative solutions: plastic lawn chairs and piles of blankets on the floor. We’ve put out a call for loved furniture to add to our collection for future movie nights.

Prep your food and snacks before hand so that you can enjoy the movie too! A cheap and easy container for your movie snacks is a coffee-maker filter. (Paper products start to add up if you’re looking for quick and easy clean up).

Test your movie! Make sure your DVD works, you have your internet connection working for Netflix, however you’re showing the film. Also, if you’re showing your movie during the day – make sure you have a way of drawing the shades/darkening any windows.

* Party!

Kick back, welcome your friends and have a great time!

Do you host any movie nights at your house? Share your tips below!

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First off, I’ve got to give a huge shout-out to my mother – It’s her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom!

* Remember how I missed my 5k race last weekend? I have three weeks until the next one and I’m actually starting a plan designed to help prepare me to run them. Right now, I’m a 5k race walker – but every year I keep telling myself that I’ll run one this year. I’m hoping I’ll stick with it and this’ll be the year!

* Did a photo shoot with Baby P on Saturday to help a friend’s business  and just got back the first teaser images. My daughter is SO adorable! I can’t wait to get back the edited images. My friend’s shop is O&E Designs – Check out her super cute goodies! You won’t be sorry. (I’ve got my eye on those precious tag blankets. Baby P loved playing with the one at the shoot!)

* Baby P is going through a phase where she won’t go to bed unless I’m cuddling with her. She’ll just lay in her crib and scream. I’ve tried to let her fuss herself to sleep, but she won’t wind down. Bedtime is going from a fifteen-twenty minute affair to over an hour and a half. It’s exhausting, but I am getting some reading done while I rock with her. Hoping it’s just a phase.

* We’ve started watching Cheers on Netflix Instant and I’m falling in love with the show. We’re only a season in and it’s BRILLIANT television. They don’t make television like that any more.  I thought Ted Danson was creepy when I saw him in Damages, but I just want to take the Cheers era Ted Danson home with me.


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Being home on maternity leave and spending a  lot of time cuddling with baby P, I have a lot of time on my hands – as long as I don’t need more than one hand and I can do it sitting down.

That doesn’t leave a lot of options, and I found myself struggling to stay awake at 4AM when P thought it was a great time to be awake and cuddled. I’ve had a chance to read some great books that I’d put off because I was busy – but reading a book in a darkened room doesn’t do much for one’s wakefulness!

So I’ve been taking advantage of Netflix’s online streaming movies on our XBox 360.  The selection of movies and tv shows is quite impressive, and they’re adding more all the time. With a high speed internet connection, it’s pretty much instant streaming. (I’m not involved with Netflix at all, I just REALLY like their services! We’ve been members for many years now.)

Instead of getting sucked into a billion seasons of Saturday Night Live or Law and Order: SVU, I’ve decided to watching something a little more educational.  I’ve queued up many documentaries – and really enjoyed watching them! I wanted to share a few with you today, if you’re interested in another point of view. All links go to the Netflix page!

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness
This is an older documentary, and rather slow at times – but was really interesting. It follows a group of people who explore abandoned buildings, structures and tunnels throughout the world. The photos in the documentary are just incredible.

Shaolin Ulysses: Kung Fu Monks in America
This documentary follows several monks from Shaolin temple as they come to America and spread their faith (and incredible moves!). It was an interesting side of kung fu that I wasn’t aware existed.

Air Guitar Nation
Did you know there is an International Air Guitar competition? I didn’t either! This follows the American competition and the winner to the international contest in Finland.  It’s bizarre, crazy and pretty fun to watch.

Nursery University
Apparently, babies make you crazy.  People are nuts over preschools in New York City, expecting the best schools now will lead their kids to the best college later! I came away resolving I would never get that crazy over P (don’t hold me to that though!)

Enlighten Up!
A skeptic’s journey into the world of yoga. This was SO fascinating. There are great interviews that left me amazed.

What are you watching these days?

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