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No photos today, just a collection of what I’m reading this week!

Unclutter has a great article on ideas about how to keep your kitchen table clean.  (I needed this article this week!)

I’m planning on a big one day garage sale later this summer, so this article about successful garage sales was a great help! I don’t have any tables though, so I’ll have to be creative.

A brilliant new way to keep baby from dancing  (and grabbing) in their dirty diaper during a change. Brilliant!

The best walkthrough of the differences between an IRA/Roth IRA/401k that I’ve seen. Having a baby really makes you think about the future a lot more carefully!

Finally, I love Dilbert. I love Scott Adams.  He’s a brilliant cartoonist and some of his cartoons I swear are taken right from my work life. But he’s also a very witty writer! Case in point: A discussion of why we love Angry Birds.

That’s it for me this Wednesday morning – what’s got you excited this week?

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Parents, I have great respect for those of you who have multiple children. There are some days that managing family life and work is overwhelming!

Since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to pull together my usual Wednesday goodies. So this week, you’ll get lots of links I’ve been looking at this week:

Bookshelf Porn – (I can’t wait to see the Google searches for that one!) A blog dedicated to beautiful bookshelves.  Totally awesome.

What to do with your kid’s LEGO creations? Make it art! This great article on Parent Hacks is pretty  brilliant (and probably could have saved my mother many headaches when my brother was young.)

A no-sew pillow that’s TOO CUTE!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so I’ll leave you with this and this – can’t beat cute baby photos during this holiday. Or any holiday.


I promise I’ll return to posts that actually have content soon! In the meantime, what are you checking out online?

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We’re still getting through our backlogs of TV shows from the No-Spend Month, and one of the shows we’re behind on is Saturday Night Live.  (Yes, we’re nerds and record each new show.)

The show we watched this weekend had Russell Brand hosting. I think he’s funny and a rather brilliant comic (although profane at times in his stand-up).  Several weeks ago, a friend of mine forwarded a link to me on Facebook. Jeff hadn’t seen it, and I made him sit and watch it after SNL was done.

Let me set you a scene. There’s a film version of The Tempest that features Russell Brand and Helen Mirren (she’s a subject for another post). One of the first days in rehearsals, the director asks Russell about his character, Trinculo… and here’s what happens!

Unscripted glorious monologuing. Go ahead, watch it again. You’ll be even more impressed.

And because that video is full of amazing, it gets it’s own WOTW post. (Well… almost. A theater company wants to do a production of Terminator 2 using ONLY lines of Shakespeare text. Brilliant!)

What do you think of Russell Brand? or what has caught your eye this week?

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Work has been crazy and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed when getting home, so it’s been (and probably will be) a bit of a quiet week.

Our regular Wednesday On The Web series features the awesomeness that is the internetz. Today… I only have one thing for you (see above… crazy!)

Another blogger posted this video this week, and it was just the smile that I needed. The weather guys keep predicting more gloom and doom, ice, snow, sleet and everything else – and I’m SO ready for some warmer weather. We’re nearing April already! This isn’t comparable to flowers and the smell of dirt… but it’ll get me through another day.

So tell me… what’s got you fascinated this week?

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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where we put together the cool/interesting/crazy things we’ve found lately.


With Lent upcoming, I noticed a lot of my finds in the last week or two are quiet, contemplative or thought-provoking.

For example….

Sinner? There’s an app for that.

One of my favorite finance bloggers posted this video as inspiration this week. I can’t help but continue to watch it over and over again.

If you liked that, there are other performances on YouTube that are worth watching.

This website charts out CO2 emissions, birth rates and death rates… as you watch. It’s a chilling reminder of our carbon output, and an interesting look at population.

Mad World has been coming up in my music rotation, and it strikes a chord. I listen to it on repeat sometimes.

I tend to get more reflective during this time of year and my tastes seem to reflect that.

To end on a lighter note, I was listening to the Daily Writer’s Almanac in the car the other day. At the end of the almanac, Garrison Keillor reads a poem. I actually had to stay in my car to finish, the poem was SO delightful. It’s titled “Daily I Fall in Love With Mechanics.” You can read it at the link, but it is best to click “Listen” and experience it for yourself.

That’s it for me this Wednesday… what’s got you fascinated this week?


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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where I pull together the fun/awesome/weird things I’ve found online.

This is a very short Wednesday On The Web this week – was going to pull a great post together yesterday, but with the car drama – I’ve been a bit busy. Next week, I promise to make up for it!

Today, I’m going to share the glory of YouTube.

1: I made an off-hand comment to Jeff about how he wasn’t ever romantic. “Here, I have a song just for you!” he declared:

Romantic, no?

This is the Axis of Awesome. They’re an Aussie band… and I have no idea why they haven’t gotten popular over on this side of the world. They’re SO funny! It’s worth it to watch every single one of their videos (although a couple are not necessarily appropriate for children!).

2: I really can’t help but share another song. Really. They are truly awesome. (There’s a foul word or two in here… fair warning)

I had to watch these again, writing this post. Did I mention awesome? Yeah.

3: Another find of my husband’s. This one should blow you away.

Incredible, no? (And cute!) Impressive! And then I saw this:

4: Just listen.

I have no words for his talent. If you’ve got the time, there’s quite a few more.

5: On a different note, Jeff loved this – and sang along for most of it!

Hope your Wednesday is better than mine! What are you loving online this week?

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