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First off, congrats to Adrienne and Amy (who blogs at Peppermint Mocha Mama) for winning my 100 Post giveaways! I appreciate all our readers!

You’ll notice I’ve been quiet all week. Didn’t even post a Something Good this Friday!  It’s been a long week for us:

  • Miss P got her first tooth last Sunday and has been working on another all week. This has resulted in a mostly unhappy baby that is desperate for cuddles. Since she’s now tech-savvy, it’s hard to sit down and write without her wanting to add her two cents (and maybe Skype with Grandma!)
  • The teething/cuddly attitude has P refusing to be social. We went to a graduation open house on Sunday and she refused to even look at most of our relatives. Except our rock-star nephew… she gave him a smile!
  • Had another awesome Movie Night on Saturday night! We watched the Three Amigos, ate walking tacos and played cards till the wee hours.
  • It’s been raining. And raining. And raining. We opened our pool last weekend, and it’s done nothing but rain and be miserably cold (50-60F) all the time. At this rate, it’ll warm up enough to swim the week before we close it again.
  • Question: How does such a tiny baby manage to create more laundry than two adults?
  • Miss P has just started eating foods (although that doesn’t explain the above question) and she’s loving them. I need to write up a post about it, because we’re going about food a little bit differently than the rest of the United States (The current popular ‘name’ is Baby Led Weaning)
  • Did I mention it’s raining a lot? Even yesterday it was sunny for a bit, muggy in the evening and then poured so violently in the middle of the night that I had to leap out of bed and shut all the windows because it was raining into the house!
  • I love living in Michigan, but this weather! We skipped spring all together, had a few days of summer and now seem to be living in a perpetual fall.  I wouldn’t mind a couple of weeks with nice sunny 75F days…


This post started as a Monday post, and now it’s a Tuesday post. Story of my life lately!

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There’s a saying about Michigan weather. “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” This week, we’ve gone from 50F during the day to over 80F yesterday.  From the furnace running one day to the AC two days later. Absolutely nuts.   P likes to be swaddled up in blankets when she’s sleeping, so I suspect the AC will be on quite a bit this summer.

Speaking of Baby P, our tradition is to read before she goes to bed. I read chapters out of novels and we both love it! Our first novel together was Mr. Popper’s Penguins
It was one of my favorites growing up, and one of the many young adult novels I’ve collected over the years. Imagine my utter delight (and trepidation) when I heard rumors that a film version was in the works.

I’ve now seen the preview, and it makes my heart sad. I won’t even link it, it’s SO bad. They basically took the delightful Popper family and turned it into a Jim Carey movie about cheesy penguins with cheesy names. Nothing about the Popper family, Admiral Drake or the intelligent penguins. I’m aghast!  If you’ve not read the book, get it right away!

We’re currently reading The Thief Lord. What are your favorite young adult novels? High quality, award winners, the book you read over and over – let me hear them all!

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I’ve had the busiest last couple of days. It just feels that we’re going from the time I wake up till the time I crawl into bed.

* The weekend was spent with my parents and grandparents and siblings. That’s a lot of activity and it’s exhausting. My grandmother joined my mother in telling me that I really need to have a second child since I wouldn’t want to only have one. What do you even say to that?

* It was 70F on Sunday and 40F on Monday. This was cruel and my body reacted like a bear’s and had the munchies all day Monday.

* Shelf-stable pudding, although it looks good, is not good at all. It tastes fake and gross.

* Short of carrying an industrial sized-cooler to work along with my other stuff, I don’t know how to get my pudding fix in the middle of the day.

* I joined a new book club and went to my first meeting last night.  It was awesome. I got to have conversations with people who understood what I meant by ‘story arc’ and ‘character development’. Very fun, and it’s getting me into some modern literature that I might otherwise not read.

* Gas went up to $3.98. I now officially spend a whole day’s take-home wages in gas every week to get to and from work.

* And I totally forgot to make something for lunch today. So I’ll be making do on yogurt and a banana.

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April Showers

They’re supposed to bring May flowers… right?  This weekend we had some freaky storms blow through that included, rain, hail, sleet, slush and snow. Lots of thunder and lightening too.  There are pools of water everywhere, but it hasn’t melted down all the snow yet.

I’m exhausted from my weekend. There was so much to get done and too short of a time to complete it all. I did get my kitchen cleaned and pantry organized though, and that makes me feel better.

Baby P has gone from getting up once in the middle of the night to twice, and it just wears me down. I love the snuggly time together but it just kills any chance of restful sleep. She’s also big on chewing on her hands and drooling… which I’ve been told is a precursor to teething.  My baby is growing up so fast!

I have nothing else interesting to say yet… I need to go have a few cups of coffee first. Mondays are always interesting at work, and this is the first Monday of the month – so we’ll be super busy. Betcha I’ll have a good story to share after this!

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Monday is here yet again. Now that I’m back to work, I’m not a fan of Mondays. They’re the busiest day in our call center, so it means there is no room to breathe between calls and grumpy people who seem to think that two minutes before they’re supposed to start their work shift.
* So remember how I mentioned two weeks ago that I had heard about wine tastings at home? My friend Coggie messaged me that she was HAVING one at her house!!  So that weekend, I got to experience my first wine tasting party! It’s like Tupperware parties but with WINE. I had a blast, drank some wine and got to drool over Coggie’s yarn and craft room and her spinning wheels (it was epic).

* We had a thunderstorm roll through yesterday evening.  It was beautiful and intense. I got to show P the lightning and rain, and that was fun.

* I got to show her a robin on Saturday. I’m TOTALLY loving sharing this world with my daughter!

* Brownies + Peanut Butter = best. snack. ever.

* Signed up for a 5k walk this week, and it’ll be my first back since P was born. I have two months to get back into shape!

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Along with the rest of the world, I’ve been shocked and saddened by the images and stories that are coming out of Japan this week. My prayers are with everyone as they try to recover from this crazy act of nature.

* This quake MOVED Japan. That’s crazy to think about.

* I hate Daylight Savings Time with a passion. It always takes me at least a week to get my body adjusted to the new time. Even though it’s just by an hour, it’s tough. Now how I can manage to adjust from Washington State PST to Michigan’s EST easier than DST… I’ll never know.

* I don’t drink beer, and I’ll be working on the 17th – but I had bangers and mash at our local Irish pub last night and it was downright awesome.

* My 6am wake up is really 5am. This is uncool on SO many levels.

* My 8yr old dog is having sibling jealousy in a big way. We go out of our way to make sure she gets extra attention, give her treats and special toys when we leave the house, but she’s still acting out. Last night, she got into the trash. She shredded diapers all over our living room floor and tore apart an insulated lunch box that I used for work lunches.  The thing of it is that she KNOWS it’s wrong, because she’ll hide when we get home and won’t come meet us. I’m really at my wit’s end.

* Jeff is eying the 50F weather later this week and speculating if the golf courses will be open. He’s talking ways of transporting P on a golf cart during the day.

* Wish I could take a nap today, but it’s Monday and EVERYONE needs to call and pay bills today. So I’ll have a crazy day. Coffee anyone?

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Random Monday – Go!

* My pastor referenced stuff from my blog in his sermon on Sunday. I don’t know which is cooler, that I was mentioned in a sermon or that my pastor reads my blog (Hi, Wally!)

* Got a new ‘do today. I love what a new haircut can do. I was going to link to a YouTube vid of one of my favorite songs, “Life After Haircuts” but there isn’t one video of the song! Fail, YouTube, Fail.

* There aren’t leaves on the trees across the street from my house, so I can sit at my window and watch the baby deer hang out across the stream. The brush is too dense to get a good photo though… but so cute!

* My maternity leave is in its final days… I return to work on Wednesday. I find myself saying “This is the last time I’ll be able to do such and such before I go back to work.”  Very depressing. But then I get the song in my head, and it makes me giggle:

* Went to a home expo yesterday and attended a wine tasting. For two bucks, they sat me down at a table and I got to try different wines. Then I found out that they wanted to sell me my favorite by the CASE. Like I have the money for a case of wine. My favorite turned out to be about twenty bucks a bottle. I didn’t come home with a case, but I did write down the type of wine – so while I can’t get that vintage from that vineyard, I’ve got a good start.

* Said wine-tasting event holds HOME wine tasting parties. You get together with your friends, they bring wine. Like Tupperware, only cooler. Trying to decide if a) my friends would like this and b) how much it would cost!

* Someday I want to be SO popular that people post inane comments on my blog posts like “I can’t believe I am first!” or “First comment, yay!”. And then I re-read the blog posts of people that popular and realize my wit and charm have a ways to go…

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Hello Monday. Seems like you were just here… and I’m not even working yet. Here’s what’s batting around my head today:

  • I have a dentist’s appointment to get cavities filled. Ugh. I get myself worked up over these visits. One of them isn’t my fault though, a filling came out. Still not looking forward to the afternoon.
  • Liked the Academy Awards last night, although I could have done with a REAL musical number.  if the Social Network had won Best Picture, though… it would have been an ugly scene at my house (I’m rather baffled at the popularity of the film.)
  • About midnight, as we were wrapping up the awards – I was coming out of our kitchen and heard baby P stirring in her bedroom down the hall. All of the sudden, she rips one of the loudest farts I’ve ever heard. Ground-shaking. Is it wrong that I collapsed onto the floor in the giggles?
  • I have one week and two days before I return to work from my maternity leave.
  • I haven’t been grocery shopping in a week, and we’ve run out of milk. I don’t really like sitting down and writing up menus and shopping lists… even though I don’t mind the shopping itself. Guess I’ll have to do that today.
  • The car is in the shop, hopefully being repaired from the crash so that it’s drivable.

It just seems that today, and this week, are full of disappointing necessities. Things I don’t enjoy (nor does my bank account) are all headed my way.

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With great apologies to the amazing Stephanie for borrowing her idea, here’s my Random Monday.

1: Remember the warm days of last week? Those are no more. Yesterday, we got 6+ inches in as many hours… and then it kept snowing overnight. February is such a tease.

2: Why is it that when you’re ready to follow the advice to ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’, your baby decides NOT to sleep?

3: I’ve made cookies twice in the last four days (with my new mixer!). The first batch was already eaten, and I have multiple requests to taste test future batches.

4: Jeff loves golf. It’s rubbed off on me a bit, although I play for fun since my scores will NEVER come out of the triple digits. We’ve watched our fair share of tournaments on TV, and I have a few players that I’ve liked and cheered for. These players have either a) very good looking or b) have a great back story.  I was flipping through Jeff’s Golf Digest (which is often very boring to me) and came across this photo:

This is NOT the kind of photo you see in a golf magazine, on Golf TV or anything of the like. So I stopped to read the article. This guy is Ben Crane. Apparently, he’s a very slow and mostly boring golf player. Boring in the way your dear old uncle takes twenty minutes to chart out his next chess move. Smart, but not rollicking good times.  Then he made a video…

There’s a second video that you can see on his website that’s also hilarious. He’s now my new favorite player. Anyone who can make fun of golf that way and get good press about it is a winner in my book. (He also just won a tournament at the beginning of the year – Go Ben!)

5: I haven’t gotten my hair cut in almost five months. First it was tough to get out because I was grossly pregnant, working full-time and dealing with doctors who freaked out over everything. Now to try to plan time to get out either with P (what does one do with a baby while you’re getting your hair cut?) or work around Jeff’s school schedule so that he’ll be home with her. I’m two and a half weeks away from going back to work, and it’s my goal to get it done before then. I don’t need to be sporting a mom-do ponytail every day at work!

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