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Something Good 4/1

Happy Friday! We take time today to look back on the good and positive things in our week…

 Taleah: It didn’t snow. We were forcast to receive almost a foot of snow, rain and sleet this week… and it didn’t show up! They’re calling for it again this weekend, but the sun is out today and the grass is growing!

Jeff: We won our soccer game this week!

What’s good in your life this week?

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Happy Friday! We make a point to look back on our week and reflect on the positive and good!

Taleah: We’re wrapping up our week by attending the Heart For The World Auction tonight. The goal is to raise $35,000 for a hospitality center for Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships are large hospital ships that travel the world providing care. Sierra Leone (where they are currently working) has .02 doctors for each 10,000 people. In the US… that number is 27 doctors for 10,000 people! These ships are doing incredible good! We’ve donated to the auction and now it’ll be fun to see that money be raised!It’s like Christmas, and I love presents!

Jeff: I scored the tying goal in our soccer game this week!

What’s good in your life this week?

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Happy Friday! We make a point to look back on the week and remember something positive.

Taleah: As frustrating and upsetting (and expensive) as our car accident was, I’m so grateful that it was minor in the grand scheme of things. None of us were hurt and the car did not roll over (as the Sheriff said it could have). We are so blessed.

Jeff: I scored a goal in our soccer game this week!

P: P had her two month check up this week. While she’s a small baby, at the 23% percentile… she’s rocking the height chart at over 79%!  So her newborn pants fit her around her waist, but she’s wearing the 0-3 month sleepers because she’s so long!
What’s good in your life this week?

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Or snowmageddon, snowmygod or any of the other crazy titles people came up with for the storm that pretty much covered the country on Tuesday.

While much of the country did get quite a bit of snow, our twelve-ish inches was in line for a good solid Michigan snowstorm. Not that it stopped people from complaining about it though! After the storm, everything from schools to government buildings were shut down – it took Jeff an hour to dig out our driveway. Here’s a few photos of the snow, keeping in mind that we already had almost three feet on the ground.

Here’s my husband’s car. It had been mostly shoveled out before this storm hit.

This is our mailbox. From the road, you can’t see it because of the drifts from the plows. All you can see is the little pile of snow on top of it. We have to rent a Post Office box for our winter mail because it gets so hard to dig out the mailbox after a while.

After Jeff warmed up, we hunkered down under our heated blankets for the day. We’re getting used to having no TV or video games, so we spent some time reading and I worked a few rows on a shawl I’ve been trying to work on since last year in February.  A word aside on the shawl, it’s from one of my FAVORITE designers – Sunflower Designs. She is currently releasing a series of Lord of the Rings-themed items and I’m working on the Evenstar shawl.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds for a short time, and I was able to do a short photoshoot with P. Here she is modeling a sweater her aunt knitted for her:

She’s starting to make faces at me once I start snapping, so sometimes it’s a challenge to get a photo where she’s not sticking out her tongue or trying to roll over towards me.  Delightfully fun during play time, but hard to get good photos.

The weather spurred me to cook and bake and I ended up with a loaf of banana bread, brownies from a box, bread in our bread maker, potato chips and egg drop soup. I’ll post about the egg drop soup (and possibly the potato chips)  in a separate post, as the soup was out of a cookbook and it was WAY out of my comfort zone to make.

Last night, much of my extended family started making their way down to Florida to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday! We really wanted to go, but it’s hard to travel with a little one and with me on leave, it was also a bit expensive. So we’re sending our fondest thoughts to a very awesome woman (and being totally jealous of the weather everyone will get to experience!)

Last night, P and I ventured out to see Jeff play soccer. He’s part of a social indoor soccer league that plays once a week. We hadn’t seen him play yet because the games have always been late at night or after his classes.  P dressed up in her daddy’s team colors to cheer him on – and she stayed awake for most of the game too!

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