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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where I pull together the fun/awesome/weird things I’ve found online.

We went to see the Green Hornet at the theater this week, with the gracious babysitting of P’s grandmother. I didn’t know anything about the original series on radio or tv – and I really enjoyed the movie. Very silly bro-mance, but it was pure fun. Seth Rogen has actually grown up into a decent actor.

I know it’s past Valentine’s Day already, but if you have a Facebook account – you have to see this video called the Woman’s Language Translator. It greatly amused my husband this week!

Next to odd news… Do you know what these are?

They’re not super hero underwear… they’re bomb resistant underwear.

Look at this ADORABLE baby photo from Keri Meyers Photography! Her portfolio is a must-see. I really want a little bow for P just like this one!

And finally, I came across this genius product called the Learning Tower. P is much too small right now to use it – but I’m keeping it in mind for the future!

Finally, my friend Amanda posted the most delish looking pancakes on her blog – perfect for cheering up a dark and gloomy morning!

What are you looking at this week? Share it with us!

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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where I pull together the fun/awesome/weird things I’ve found online. (Yes, it is Thursday – but baby had me busy so I didn’t get it done.)

Monday is Valentine’s Day! (This is a reminder! Men, go buy something/write a card/do something romantic NOW… before you forget.)

I really want to make these cupcakes! Jeff is even impressed. (I think it’s the fire.)

Not that I could do this now, buried under four feet of snow – but if you’re somewhere warm (or bookmark it for later), these roses are beautiful!

Finally for Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite personal finance blogs has a post on 5 DIY Valentines!

I’ve had my eye on this whisk, which sort of looks like a heart in the middle…

The last one today is a video that I found on Facebook – I’ve watched it a couple of times, it’s awesome!

I’d love to hear/see/watch what you’re into this week – leave a comment or send an email!

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