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Happy Friday! Today is when we take time to look back on our week and celebrate the good and positive things!

Taleah: Today is an official holiday, so I have the day off with pay! A four day workweek was very  much needed!

Jeff: I had a test in one of my classes, so I got to leave when it was done. I got out an hour early!


What’s good in your life this week?

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I’ve had the busiest last couple of days. It just feels that we’re going from the time I wake up till the time I crawl into bed.

* The weekend was spent with my parents and grandparents and siblings. That’s a lot of activity and it’s exhausting. My grandmother joined my mother in telling me that I really need to have a second child since I wouldn’t want to only have one. What do you even say to that?

* It was 70F on Sunday and 40F on Monday. This was cruel and my body reacted like a bear’s and had the munchies all day Monday.

* Shelf-stable pudding, although it looks good, is not good at all. It tastes fake and gross.

* Short of carrying an industrial sized-cooler to work along with my other stuff, I don’t know how to get my pudding fix in the middle of the day.

* I joined a new book club and went to my first meeting last night.  It was awesome. I got to have conversations with people who understood what I meant by ‘story arc’ and ‘character development’. Very fun, and it’s getting me into some modern literature that I might otherwise not read.

* Gas went up to $3.98. I now officially spend a whole day’s take-home wages in gas every week to get to and from work.

* And I totally forgot to make something for lunch today. So I’ll be making do on yogurt and a banana.

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Today was just a crazy day at work. It seemed that every customer that came on the line was made or upset or decided to call me, take a call on another phone and yell at their children at the same time. I was personally blamed for junk mail, payments not clearing banks and mail not reaching us. People had to explain that when they didn’t see the payment approved over the weekend that they went ahead and spent the money that they had planned for us to use. (And it’s my fault that their bank doesn’t process payments over the weekend!) It has been a very long day.
At times like this, I realize it is a good thing to have a wine stash in my cupboard for a glass before bed. Alas, I have no such stash currently. As I was lamenting this fact on Facebook, my friend Kat pointed out that they really should create a wine shop that has a drive-through lane. Brilliance!

This is really a smart idea. One could just pull into the lane and order:

“Yeah… I’ll take a Horrible Day two bottle value pack.”

“Is that all, Ma’am?”

“Actually, why don’t you add a single order of Goes Well With Red Meat.”

“Thank you, pull around!”

See? Genius. I could still get home in time to cook dinner and eat as a family before Baby P goes to bed, but still have something to fill a glass after she goes to bed. I may need to think about this more seriously!

And before I get a frantic and concerned call from my mother, I’m not an alcoholic. Nor do I drink very often  and never very much. It’s just nice after a bad day to pour a pretty glass of wine in my fancy stemware and sit down for a few minutes.
My shopping list now has generic “Wine” written at the top. Do you drink wine? What’s your favorite varietal?

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Movie Night!

It’s quite a busy day in our house today. I got thrown into my work’s Saturday shift rotation so I’ll be working today, and when I come home – my house will be full of people for Movie Night!

Jeff and I decided to start a monthly movie night – since we’ve got a great projector and wall screen (I’ll take photos, it’s pretty awesome) and great friends who love movies. We’ll be having a potluck dinner and settling in to watch Disney’s Robin Hood. Since it’s family friendly, we have friends who are bringing their kids – so it should be crazy and a lot of fun!

Jeff’s making his famous chili, since I think it’d be an appropriate meal for outlaws in the forest.

We’re trying to come up with themes for future movie nights. We want to show only the best quality movies (No Mars Attacks! or anything of the sort) paired with a fun potluck in the theme.

What are your favorite movies? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Monday is here yet again. Now that I’m back to work, I’m not a fan of Mondays. They’re the busiest day in our call center, so it means there is no room to breathe between calls and grumpy people who seem to think that two minutes before they’re supposed to start their work shift.
* So remember how I mentioned two weeks ago that I had heard about wine tastings at home? My friend Coggie messaged me that she was HAVING one at her house!!  So that weekend, I got to experience my first wine tasting party! It’s like Tupperware parties but with WINE. I had a blast, drank some wine and got to drool over Coggie’s yarn and craft room and her spinning wheels (it was epic).

* We had a thunderstorm roll through yesterday evening.  It was beautiful and intense. I got to show P the lightning and rain, and that was fun.

* I got to show her a robin on Saturday. I’m TOTALLY loving sharing this world with my daughter!

* Brownies + Peanut Butter = best. snack. ever.

* Signed up for a 5k walk this week, and it’ll be my first back since P was born. I have two months to get back into shape!

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I’ve been back at work for just over a week now. I was very apprehensive about going back and it’s been an interesting experience. Here’s what I’ve learned:

* When working the early shift, I’m the only one with problems about leaving. Jeff is awesome, and P loves her daddy.
* Downside to working an early shift is that P is still asleep most of the time, and she’s at her happiest in the morning. (A morning person… she can’t be our baby! Neither of us are morning people!)

* The late shifts are much harder for all three of us. By about 6:30-7:00pm, P starts to get cranky and tired. She just wants her mommy! When I get home late in the evening, she clings to me in a way that breaks my heart.

Sadly, there’s no way I can arrange my schedule so that I’m home early every evening. So for now, we’re getting through as best we can. I submitted a proposal at work to create a position that I could telecommute, but there’s a lot of legal hoops to jump through before something like that could be approved. Even working a late shift, to be able to step out of the office on my lunch break to console and feed my daughter would be an amazing thing. So I’m hoping things will progress on that front.

I’m SO very grateful when the weekend comes, where we can sleep in past 6am and my daughter and I get to have lots of giggles and smiles together. All of my immediate family is in town today, so I’m looking forward to catching up with my siblings and giving P lots of play time with her aunts, uncles and cousin!

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Happy Friday! We make a point to look back over our week and recall the good and positive things!
Taleah: I got a digital photo frame, so I can take all the pictures of my family to work with me! It’ll be great to have them keeping me company.

Jeff: I finished my quarter’s classes this week. I have a week off before I start again!


What’s good in your life this week?

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The Tea Cup

I’m not normally a fan of those email forwards with cute messages, adorable pictures of babies or puppies or threatening DOOM if I don’t forward it on to ten of my best friends in ten minutes. But a friend sent me this story this week, and it just really was sweet. It is a story with a Christian theme, but even if that’s not your faith of choice – I think you can still take away something.


The Tea Cup

There was a couple who used to go England to shop in a beautiful antique store. This trip was to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They both liked antiques and pottery, especially tea-cups.  Spotting an exceptional cup, they asked “May we see that one? We’ve never seen a cup quite so

As the lady handed it to them suddenly the tea-cup spoke, “You don’t understand.” it said, “I have not always been a tea-cup. There was a time when I was just a lump of red clay. My master took me and rolled me, pounded me, and patted me over and over until I yelled out, ‘Don’t do that. I don’t like it! Let me alone!’, but he only smiled, and gently said; ‘Not yet!’

“Then, WHAM!  I was placed on a spinning wheel, and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. ‘Stop it! I’m getting so dizzy!  I’m going to be sick!’, I screamed. But the master only nodded and said, quietly, ‘Not yet.’  He spun me, poked and prodded me, and bent me out of shape to suit himself, and then……

“Then he put me into the oven.  I had never felt such heat.  I yelled and knocked and pounded at the door. ‘Help! Get me out of here!’ I could see him through the opening, and I could read his lips as he shook his
head from side to side, ‘Not yet’.

“When I thought I couldn’t bear it another minute, the door opened. He carefully took me out and put me on the shelf, and I began to cool. Oh, that felt so good! ‘Ah, this is much better,’ I thought.

“But, after I had cooled, he picked me up and brushed and painted me all over. The fumes were terrible. I thought I would gag. ‘Oh, please stop it. Stop it!’ I cried. He only shook his head and said. ‘Not yet!’.

“Then suddenly he put me back into the oven.  Only, this oven was not like the first one. It was twice as hot, and I just knew that I would suffocate. I begged. I pleaded. I screamed. I cried. I was convinced that I
would never make it. I was ready to give up. Just then the door opened, and he took me out and placed me once again on the shelf. There I cooled and waited ——- and waited, wondering, ‘What’s he going to do
to me next?’

“An hour later he handed me a mirror and said ‘Look at yourself.’ And I did. I said, ‘That’s not me; that couldn’t be me. It’s beautiful. I’m beautiful!’

“Quietly he spoke: ‘I know that it hurt you to be rolled and pounded and patted, but if I’d left you alone, you would have dried up.

“‘I know that it made you dizzy to be spun around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled.

“‘I know that it hurt and was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn’t put you there, you would have cracked.

“‘I know that the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted you all over, but if I hadn’t done that, you never would have hardened. You would not have had any color in your life.’

“‘If I hadn’t put you back in the second oven, you wouldn’t have survived for long, because the hardness would not have held. Now you are a finished product. Now you are what I had in mind when I first began with you.'”

The moral of this story is:

God knows what He’s doing [for each of us]. He is the potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us, and make us, and expose us to just enough pressures of just the right kinds that we may be made into a flawless piece of work to fulfill His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

So when life seems hard, and you are being pounded and patted and pushed almost beyond endurance; when your world seems to be spinning out of control; when you feel like you are in a fiery furnace of trials; when life seems to “stink”, try this….Brew a cup of your favorite tea in your prettiest tea cup, sit down and think on this story and then, have a little talk with the Potter.

Nothing has been going right this week for us. My husband’s car refused to start or even give back his keys (they’re lodged in the ignition!), we had to have it towed and we’re waiting to hear what the costs will be. So while I’m at work, he has no transportation. P’s been going through a growth spurt and been waking up several times during the night hungry, which exhausts me for the next day of working. Bills are due, errands need to be run and I’m trying to manage everything between calls at work – which is a challenge. This story came at just the right time to remind me that I may think my life may be difficult now, but there’s usually something bigger in the works. P’s growth spurt means she’s healthy and growing. As much as that’s exhausting for me now, it means good things for her!
These temporary trials make us stronger. I think that’s going to be my mantra for the next few days.

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Along with the rest of the world, I’ve been shocked and saddened by the images and stories that are coming out of Japan this week. My prayers are with everyone as they try to recover from this crazy act of nature.

* This quake MOVED Japan. That’s crazy to think about.

* I hate Daylight Savings Time with a passion. It always takes me at least a week to get my body adjusted to the new time. Even though it’s just by an hour, it’s tough. Now how I can manage to adjust from Washington State PST to Michigan’s EST easier than DST… I’ll never know.

* I don’t drink beer, and I’ll be working on the 17th – but I had bangers and mash at our local Irish pub last night and it was downright awesome.

* My 6am wake up is really 5am. This is uncool on SO many levels.

* My 8yr old dog is having sibling jealousy in a big way. We go out of our way to make sure she gets extra attention, give her treats and special toys when we leave the house, but she’s still acting out. Last night, she got into the trash. She shredded diapers all over our living room floor and tore apart an insulated lunch box that I used for work lunches.  The thing of it is that she KNOWS it’s wrong, because she’ll hide when we get home and won’t come meet us. I’m really at my wit’s end.

* Jeff is eying the 50F weather later this week and speculating if the golf courses will be open. He’s talking ways of transporting P on a golf cart during the day.

* Wish I could take a nap today, but it’s Monday and EVERYONE needs to call and pay bills today. So I’ll have a crazy day. Coffee anyone?

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Happy Friday! We spend our Fridays recalling the good and positive over the week.

Taleah: Going back to work was super tough, but my employer has made some changes to my schedule to make it easier for me to keep breastfeeding! And they’re working with Jeff’s school schedule, too! That’s a huge relief!

Jeff: I got to stay home with P all day while Taleah is at work.

P: I got to wear color combination that I never DREAMED of, now that Daddy dresses me!  (Taleah’s note: Jeff’s an awesome parent… but his fashion skills leave a little something to be desired!)

This post is out late, because of working. It’s crazy how much time it takes of my day!

That’s it for us – what’s good in your life this week?

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