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I love Mr. Rogers. I’ve had an affinity for him since I was young. There is something so reassuring about his show. No flashy graphics, no loud or disorienting music, and no rude behaviors. (Spend fifteen minutes in front of current children’s programming and you’ll see what I mean.)

One of the blogs that I follow, Food Renegade, linked the following beautiful remix of some of Mr. Rogers’ words. Take a few minutes – it’s very much worth your time.

Mr. Rogers had such a passion for children. Here is a short five minute statement he gave in front of a Congressional Committee in 1969. It’s as much true now as it was then.

What an incredible man. When I was in college, I sent off an email to him thanking him for the impact that he had on my life as a child. He (or probably someone on his PR team) responded with a wonderfully gracious thank you.  It wasn’t a “We’re awesome and we know it!” reply. It was “You are special and we’re glad we had the opportunity to be a part of your life” thank you.  I’ve always appreciated that. And then when he passed away, I wept for a generation that might not know the quiet confidence that Mr. Rogers gave to many many children across the world.

There are a few full episodes out on YouTube if you’ve never experienced Mr. Rogers – I highly recommend it.

Finally, you always make each day such a special day!  I couldn’t find this video anywhere but on the PBS website – but for those of you who grew up with Mr. Rogers, you’ll know the song immediately.  It’s worth a reminder.

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WotW is a reoccuring feature where I get to share the cool and awesome things I discover.

Well, it’s November in Michigan. One day we’ll open the windows because it’s warm outside, the next it’s snowing.  We put up with this crazy weather because we live in a beautiful place, but there are some days when I know why everyone moves to Arizona or Florida when they retire.

Today, I just have one thing for you. This took my breath away.



It’s just beautiful.

What’s got your eye (or ear!) today?

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I was the oldest of three sisters growing up in the late 80s-early 90s. As a family we always had a Saturday night tradition: bath night.

Saturday night was the one night a week where all three of us would take a bath on the same day to ensure we were clean for church the next morning. My parents formed an assembly line to get us all in and out without too many problems. My mother would help us in the bathroom, supervise the bath time if needed and help our youngest sister get dressed and such. Once we were clean and cozy in our pajamas, she sent us out to the living room to our father. He was in charge of combing out our long hair and blowing it dry.

This was my favorite part of Saturday nights – sitting on the couch with my father. Not only did we get our own time with him but we also got to watch a tv show: The Lawrence Welk Show!

While it now may be the subject of great SNL parody, this show helped introduce me to amazing music. Week after week, I heard country music, jazz tunes, energetic polkas and show tunes. There was even Jo Ann Castle who was one of the most amazing pianists I’ve ever seen:

After Miss P’s bath tonight, we were playing together in our family room while the football games were on TV. (If you follow college football, you’ll know that there was a huge rivalry game between Michigan State and University of Michigan. All I’ll say is Go Green!) I was surfing channels to find something a tab bit more calming before bed and came across PBS… and the Lawrence Welk show.

I put it on right away and all the memories of our old traditions came rushing back. I’ll have to admit I got a bit nostalgic and misty-eyed when I realized I was starting the tradition with my daughter now.   I was thrilled when she crawled up into my arms and we just sat and listened to the music together.

If she grows up to prefer more classical music over the Bieber-pop that’s popular now, I’ll be a very happy mother.

If you haven’t experienced the Lawerence Welk show (or you just want to re-experience it) Here are a few more videos!

Good night!

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Wednesday On The Web is semi-regular feature here at Something Catchy featuring the great things that catch our eye online.

Today, I have just one thing to show you. It’s a video and it’s absolutely worth your time.

I have to thank my sister for showing me this video.

In light of the beautiful point of the film, I have something to tell you. You, my readers and friends, are beautiful (and handsome). You effortlessly rock your own personal style. You are so talented! I’m so blessed to know each and every one of you.

Do you know someone who needs to see this? You can send them this video by using the buttons below this post. Go spread some smiles!

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Work has been crazy and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed when getting home, so it’s been (and probably will be) a bit of a quiet week.

Our regular Wednesday On The Web series features the awesomeness that is the internetz. Today… I only have one thing for you (see above… crazy!)

Another blogger posted this video this week, and it was just the smile that I needed. The weather guys keep predicting more gloom and doom, ice, snow, sleet and everything else – and I’m SO ready for some warmer weather. We’re nearing April already! This isn’t comparable to flowers and the smell of dirt… but it’ll get me through another day.

So tell me… what’s got you fascinated this week?

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Random Monday – Go!

* My pastor referenced stuff from my blog in his sermon on Sunday. I don’t know which is cooler, that I was mentioned in a sermon or that my pastor reads my blog (Hi, Wally!)

* Got a new ‘do today. I love what a new haircut can do. I was going to link to a YouTube vid of one of my favorite songs, “Life After Haircuts” but there isn’t one video of the song! Fail, YouTube, Fail.

* There aren’t leaves on the trees across the street from my house, so I can sit at my window and watch the baby deer hang out across the stream. The brush is too dense to get a good photo though… but so cute!

* My maternity leave is in its final days… I return to work on Wednesday. I find myself saying “This is the last time I’ll be able to do such and such before I go back to work.”  Very depressing. But then I get the song in my head, and it makes me giggle:

* Went to a home expo yesterday and attended a wine tasting. For two bucks, they sat me down at a table and I got to try different wines. Then I found out that they wanted to sell me my favorite by the CASE. Like I have the money for a case of wine. My favorite turned out to be about twenty bucks a bottle. I didn’t come home with a case, but I did write down the type of wine – so while I can’t get that vintage from that vineyard, I’ve got a good start.

* Said wine-tasting event holds HOME wine tasting parties. You get together with your friends, they bring wine. Like Tupperware, only cooler. Trying to decide if a) my friends would like this and b) how much it would cost!

* Someday I want to be SO popular that people post inane comments on my blog posts like “I can’t believe I am first!” or “First comment, yay!”. And then I re-read the blog posts of people that popular and realize my wit and charm have a ways to go…

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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where we put together the cool/interesting/crazy things we’ve found lately.


With Lent upcoming, I noticed a lot of my finds in the last week or two are quiet, contemplative or thought-provoking.

For example….

Sinner? There’s an app for that.

One of my favorite finance bloggers posted this video as inspiration this week. I can’t help but continue to watch it over and over again.

If you liked that, there are other performances on YouTube that are worth watching.

This website charts out CO2 emissions, birth rates and death rates… as you watch. It’s a chilling reminder of our carbon output, and an interesting look at population.

Mad World has been coming up in my music rotation, and it strikes a chord. I listen to it on repeat sometimes.

I tend to get more reflective during this time of year and my tastes seem to reflect that.

To end on a lighter note, I was listening to the Daily Writer’s Almanac in the car the other day. At the end of the almanac, Garrison Keillor reads a poem. I actually had to stay in my car to finish, the poem was SO delightful. It’s titled “Daily I Fall in Love With Mechanics.” You can read it at the link, but it is best to click “Listen” and experience it for yourself.

That’s it for me this Wednesday… what’s got you fascinated this week?


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Welcome to Wednesday On The Web – where I pull together the fun/awesome/weird things I’ve found online.

This is a very short Wednesday On The Web this week – was going to pull a great post together yesterday, but with the car drama – I’ve been a bit busy. Next week, I promise to make up for it!

Today, I’m going to share the glory of YouTube.

1: I made an off-hand comment to Jeff about how he wasn’t ever romantic. “Here, I have a song just for you!” he declared:

Romantic, no?

This is the Axis of Awesome. They’re an Aussie band… and I have no idea why they haven’t gotten popular over on this side of the world. They’re SO funny! It’s worth it to watch every single one of their videos (although a couple are not necessarily appropriate for children!).

2: I really can’t help but share another song. Really. They are truly awesome. (There’s a foul word or two in here… fair warning)

I had to watch these again, writing this post. Did I mention awesome? Yeah.

3: Another find of my husband’s. This one should blow you away.

Incredible, no? (And cute!) Impressive! And then I saw this:

4: Just listen.

I have no words for his talent. If you’ve got the time, there’s quite a few more.

5: On a different note, Jeff loved this – and sang along for most of it!

Hope your Wednesday is better than mine! What are you loving online this week?

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With great apologies to the amazing Stephanie for borrowing her idea, here’s my Random Monday.

1: Remember the warm days of last week? Those are no more. Yesterday, we got 6+ inches in as many hours… and then it kept snowing overnight. February is such a tease.

2: Why is it that when you’re ready to follow the advice to ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’, your baby decides NOT to sleep?

3: I’ve made cookies twice in the last four days (with my new mixer!). The first batch was already eaten, and I have multiple requests to taste test future batches.

4: Jeff loves golf. It’s rubbed off on me a bit, although I play for fun since my scores will NEVER come out of the triple digits. We’ve watched our fair share of tournaments on TV, and I have a few players that I’ve liked and cheered for. These players have either a) very good looking or b) have a great back story.  I was flipping through Jeff’s Golf Digest (which is often very boring to me) and came across this photo:

This is NOT the kind of photo you see in a golf magazine, on Golf TV or anything of the like. So I stopped to read the article. This guy is Ben Crane. Apparently, he’s a very slow and mostly boring golf player. Boring in the way your dear old uncle takes twenty minutes to chart out his next chess move. Smart, but not rollicking good times.  Then he made a video…

There’s a second video that you can see on his website that’s also hilarious. He’s now my new favorite player. Anyone who can make fun of golf that way and get good press about it is a winner in my book. (He also just won a tournament at the beginning of the year – Go Ben!)

5: I haven’t gotten my hair cut in almost five months. First it was tough to get out because I was grossly pregnant, working full-time and dealing with doctors who freaked out over everything. Now to try to plan time to get out either with P (what does one do with a baby while you’re getting your hair cut?) or work around Jeff’s school schedule so that he’ll be home with her. I’m two and a half weeks away from going back to work, and it’s my goal to get it done before then. I don’t need to be sporting a mom-do ponytail every day at work!

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